Family Valued

Making Families stronger

With the project "Family Valued" we want to effectively highlight the positive contribution of families to society and provide information for a value-oriented family life and a better world for the children

How this project

Ecosystem "Family Valued"

The project is an ecosystem of printed and interactive book, online platform and social media channels (international & multilingual) connecting a large community of families, authors and donators

Who are contributing

Well-known authors

Selected authors around the world present new and impressive messages in family topics as education, couple relation, care, inclusion, family models, work and family

Content in this project

Topics we address

Families face a lot of challenges in a modern world. In this project, we present solutions for some of them. The authors have a new approach for a modern and dynamic world

Who should participate

We address this project to parents, politicians and journalists interested in improving the shape of society and the families

Long term project

The project "Family Valued" lasts till 2029. In this 5 years, we would like to improve the situation of the families throughout the world.

"Family Valued"

Family Valued works like an Ecosystem of several products like printed book, platform and social media channels, but also communities like authors, readers, donators.

International project

The authors are from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, US and Columbia

Publishing date

The printed book will be published in Q4/2024.
From April on, we will present the authors on LinkedIn.

Contact us

You can contact us and send proposals. We welcome your feedback to improve our project and make more suitable for families

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